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Adoption Contracts will be required for all adoptions. Our dogs have come from terrible circumstances and we have committed to protect them for their whole life. Here is a link to our Contract. 

0 - 4 months
  • Must have a schedule that allows you more time WITH a puppy than away from him

  • Just beginning crate training, must be willing to let a puppy 'cry it out'

  • Needs to be taken out every hour for potty training

  • Requires getting up at least once a night

  • ALL manners and boundaries need to be taught

  • Requires booster shots until four months

4 - 12 months

  • Must have a schedule that allows you more time WITH a puppy than away from him

  • Well accustomed to a crate

  • Needs to be taken out every 2 - 4 hours for potty training

  • May require getting up during the night

  • Head start in manners and boundaries

  • Heading into "I will not murder my puppy" stage: jumping, nipping, digging, chewing.  

  • Old enough for training class

  • Our mommas come from various situations and backgrounds. Crate training, potty training, house rules and boundaries will be different for each mom.

  • Some of our moms have endured terrible experiences and will require extra patience or dog savvy adopters 

Hi there, I'm Lucy!

I am a tall and lanky 55lb pup who LOVES her hoomans! I know to do my business outside and I'm also crate-trained. I'm a faithful pup and prefer a female leader, but I am learning to trust men (without hats). I like other doggos and I don't pay much attention to kitties, although I haven't seen many of them. I am looking for a family that has older children that can anticipate my energy, play with me, while respecting my boundaries-- I am still in training and willing to learn with my new forever people. Path of Hope even offers a refund if you take me to training classes, so that you'll know how to raise me and keep me FUREVER!

Love, Lucy